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Experience The Hidden Gems Of Mexico Before The Crowd does

The beauty of Mexico makes it one of the most popular city to explore. Travelers across the globe visit Mexico city to witness this incredible destination. From the crystal clear water, lavish beaches, magical waterfalls, hot springs to the historical beauty, Mexico is a real deal to experience once in a lifetime. But to let you explore something that's more exciting, real charm and simply mesmerizing that too in best time to visit mexico, you need to dig in right away. Being one famous travel destination, Mexico receives millions of tourists every year but very few people know about some hidden gems of Mexico that are less crowded and unique. Lucky you! Now

if you are planning a vacation to Mexico, you are just at the right place. Read on to know what's more to this and get a chance to experience the hidden gems of Mexico before the crowd goes.

1. Isla Aguada

Isla Aguada?
Picture Courtesy: Dronestagram

Isla Aguada in Campeche is a real beauty to witness. It is one of the non-touristy places in Mexico and not everyone knows about it. Isla Aguada is simply a very calm and peaceful destination with quiet beaches and turquoise clear water all around. There is a free tourist area also that is equipped with wooden swings in the water. Don't forget to take your camera there! 

2. Playa Balandra

Playa Balandra?, mexico
Picture Courtesy: Villa Del Palmar Cabo San Lucas

Located in the outskirts of the town, Playa Balandra in La Paz is one exquisite destination if you are looking for shimmering sandy beaches, a calm environment and a picturesque view around. This place will let you refresh the souls and relax in its natural yet soothing surroundings. best time to visit mexico and Balandra's water is crystal clear that you can see exactly what all is there underneath. A tour in a paddleboat is quite adventurous and an experience to remember in the spin of the water. 

3. Tamasopo

Picture Courtesy: AllTrails

If you are an adventure lover, you will fell in love with Tamasopo. Head over to this thrilling destination that's located in Huasteca Potosina region and experience the beauty of this hidden gem in Mexico. One thing making this place even more exciting is that it got the real jungle vibes. With great adventure, hiking, and astonishing waterfall, you will come across a scenic view that can only be experienced through your eyes and not just the camera and best time to visit mexico.

4. Bacalar

Bacalar, Mexico
Picture Courtesy: Visit Mexico

Bacalar is one destination that is just like the Maldives. It takes around 5-hour drive from Cancun. A perfect place for a road trip or a vacation. Since it is again one less traveled places, not many people visit here and now we know what all they are simply missing by not coming here. best time to visit mexico Most hotels and resorts have their own private code of conduct and access to the Lake. You also get the potential to have a perfect staycation in some luxurious hotels and have a great time in Bacalar.

5. Tak Be Ha Cenote

 Tak Be Ha Cenote?
Picture Courtesy: theculturetrip

Tak Be Ha Cenote is considered to be of the best-hidden gems of Mexico and it is pleasure exploring this real beauty. Just because it is not advertised much, not many people know about this place but once anyone gets to see or know it, we are sure they are gonna plan a trip to Tak Be Ha in Tulum jungle right away. The pictures say it all as the words fell short to describe how ravishing this non-touristy destination and best time to visit mexico is. 

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6. Suyun Cenote

Suyun Cenote?, mexico
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Though Mexico area has over 6000 cenotes and it is quite difficult to check out all the of them, some of the cenotes are worth experiencing. One cenote that should be on top of your bucket list is none other than the very known still discovered by fewer tourists, Suyun Cenote. It is unique in its own way and here one attraction making this cenote a must-visit is a walkway leading down the center of the cenote and best time to visit mexico. Being completely underground it is only the sunlight that makes things visible enough.

7. Grutas Tolantongo

Grutas Tolantongo?
Picture Courtesy: Travel+Leisure

Apart from the beaches, here comes the remote mountains. Grutas Tolantongo in North of Mexico city is an incredible yet astonishing destination The best time to visit mexico. It is simply a dream destination for all travelers and photographers. This hot spring resort is lavishly designed with exquisite interior and this massively spread property is just a paradise. Highlights for Grutas is the hot pools covered with lush trees and mystic caves. Head over to this mysterious place and thank us later. 

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